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        GSM&Network Module
        SK-136 GPRS Dialer
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        ◆ strong stability: the use of industrial grade module, to ensure the long-term stable operation of products, provide perfect self inspection report
        ◆ strong compatibility: can match any brand of alarm, telephone, program-controlled switches and other user terminal equipment, upgrading the single telephone network as the dual network dual channel
        ◆ dual network dual report: GSM&PSTN/GPRS&PSTN cable network, wireless network at the same time, alarm, and report to the 2 Alarm Center
        ◆ The pair of a newspaper a prepared: PSTN wired telephone network and GPRS/GSM wireless network automatic switching, when the automatic switch wired network to wireless network fault alarm, wireless network fault automatic switching to a wired network alarm.
        ◆ simple installation: small volume, programming is simple, easy to understand the working state indicating lamp