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        GSM&Network Module
        SK-812 Ethernet Alarm Upgrade Module
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        Equipment upgrade : the telephone line alarm function, alarm equipment upgrades for the GPRS network alarm, increasing the data transmission rate, increasing the amount of data transmitted.
        The small size: small volume, can be directly embedded alarm host.
        The novel function: using simulated keyboard on the host remote cloth from a defended position, using the onboard linkage relay output control signals to the scene, can remotely view network module version information, host number, network configuration parameters.
        The flexible configuration: alarm host ID, password, number and other information may be remote setting.
        The strong expansion: can support 16alarm, at the same time can be up to extend 32alarm and32 output linkage ( requires external SK8I8O expansion module ).
        The system safety: data communication through the double layers of encryption, using a software watchdog, password encryption, to system operations are required to ensure that the system administrator password, the safety coefficient of the highest.
        The strong compatibility: scalable ADEMCO underberg, C&K, Vista series, SHIKE moment and other mainstream brand alarm, and can be upgraded with485 or232 devices, with the time integrated alarm center use, support event recording, real-time transmission of information, to control or video, alarm information monitoring; can also provide the corresponding SDK two development package, to facilitate development of the ability of users for the system integration.