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        GSM&Network Module
        SK-811 Ethernet Alarm Upgrade Module
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        ◆ Equipment upgrade: Upgrade the telephone line alarm function to the network alarm function, increase the data transfer rate and the amount of data transfer.
        ◆ New function: Use analog keyboard to arm/disarm the host, use the linkage relay on the main board to control the local output signal, can remotely check the version information, the account number of the host and network configuration parameters, and so on..
        ◆ Flexible configuration : The alarm host account number, password, group number, the alarm host IP address, port number, gateway and subnet mask, etc, all these information can be remotely set.
        ◆ Large expansibility: Can support 16 routes arm zones alarming, and meanwhile can expand 16 routes wireless arm zones alarming.
        ◆ Twice encrypt the data socket,  use soft dog,  encrypt the password, need the administrator password for each operation of the system and good system safety factor.
        ◆ Good compatibility: can upgrade the alarm host such as ADEMCO 、C&K、Vista collection and SHIKE, and so on. And supply SDK. It is convenient for users to develop software. Compatible with SHIKE network integrated receiving alarm system; SK-2008 multi-channel integrated receiving alarm system. Support event record, information transfer in real time, return to control the host, twice monitor the alarm information.
        ◆ size: small size, can directly embed to the alarm host.