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        Center Monitoring Station
        SK-2002 Telphone Network Alarm System
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        ◆ 2 telephone alarm card
        Support network user number to reach 10000 households
        This machine is an independent alarm function, the alarm card independent window display status information, the alarm can be respectively stored user host alarm record and host state record of 50 for each
        ◆ adopts modular design professional, any alarm card failure will not affect other normal work, failure can quickly judge and exclusion
        ◆ compatible with C&K, Contact ID, 4+2, SHIKE communication protocol
        ◆ and computer network, with the moment center software can realize: hard disk recording, electronic map, wall map display, LED Chinese characters display, regularly patrol, automatic printing, generate alarm and query statistics print etc.
        ◆ interlocking relay, to linkage other alarm equipment
        Automatic detection alarm function with telephone line fault
        ◆ with audio output port, can output the alarm site monitoring signal to the PC for hard disk recording
        The built-in loudspeaker, can output the alarm sound or on-site voice, adjustable volume
        ◆ interlocking relay, can be linked to other alarm equipment
        ◆ with standard all the call display function, can display caller number